Taking Patients... BEYOND LIMITS

Kevin Oldt Beyond LimitsBEYOND LIMITS. These two simple – but powerful – words comprise the slogan put forth in Good Shepherd’s new advertising campaign. At Good Shepherd, “Beyond Limits” is more than a sales pitch, it is a way of life.

The slogan is a commitment to do everything in our power to help patients not just reach, but exceed, their goals – to push beyond the limitations of their condition, whether it be a spinal cord injury, brain injury, stroke, concussion, etc.

There is no secret sauce. There are no overnight remedies. What pushes our patients beyond limits is hard work and determination – theirs and ours, combined with science, technology, education, excellent service and compassionate care.

When Kevin Oldt was injured in a snowmobiling accident more than 13 years ago and became paralyzed, he chose Good Shepherd for inpatient rehabilitation, followed by outpatient therapy. Against all odds, Kevin believed he would walk again.

When Good Shepherd became the third rehab facility in the country to receive the Ekso bionic exoskeleton in 2012, Kevin was ready. He was excited about the possibilities afforded by the technology.

Kevin trained like a prize fighter to be in the right physical condition to use the device, and he approached his therapy in the exoskeleton with that same passion and determination. Now, Kevin has shed the robotic hardware and is walking using his own manpower, KAFOS leg braces and crutches. Kevin Oldt has gone beyond the limitations of his condition and accomplished his goal – to walk again. (See Kevin walk in KAFOS).

Stories like Kevin’s have become the calling cards of Good Shepherd’s brand. Good Shepherd is known for life-changing rehabilitation – therapies and treatments that take patients BEYOND LIMITS.

To learn more about the people, programs and services that help our patients exceed expectations, visit our microsite – BeyondLimitsRehab.org. You will meet other patients, like Kevin, who pushed beyond the limitations of their conditions, including:

  • Cassie Emmons, a pre-professional dancer and runner, who was sidelined by back pain caused by a herniated disc. She is now back to enjoying her active lifestyle – pain free.
  • Florence Heeter, a gardening enthusiast, who was unable to enjoy her favorite pastimes because of debilitating vertigo and dizziness. After undergoing what Florence calls “advanced brain training” at Good Shepherd Neurorehabilitation, she is gardening and traveling independently again.
  • Matt Ficarra, a spinal cord injury patient, who made a seven hour pilgrimage to Good Shepherd once a week to train with the Ekso bionic exoskeleton. Matt accomplished his goal to walk down the aisle next to his bride. Their wedding made international headlines.

Our patients are incredible; they exceed expectations every day. Has Good Shepherd helped you push beyond limits? If so, I want to hear your story. Tweet using #BeyondLimitsRehab or contact me via Twitter @GoodShepherdCEO.

To learn more about Good Shepherd’s programs and services, call 1-888-44-REHAB (73422) or contact us online today.

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