Brain Injury Rehabilitation

Good Shepherd’s inpatient Brain Injury Rehabilitation Program offers a highly individualized and multi-disciplinary approach to care in the aftermath of mild and serious brain injuries.

The goal of this patient-centered program is to restore individuals with brain injuries to their highest potential of physical, cognitive and behavioral function through the use of leading technology and hands-on therapy. Good Shepherd features a self-contained, secure brain injury unit designed to better monitor patients.

A guiding principle in Good Shepherd’s treatment approach is neuroplasticity, a life-changing concept. Mounting evidence suggests the brain and spinal cord have the ability to “rewire,” which can lead to functional return. Where once there was a permanent cognitive and/or physical deficit after a brain injury, now there is hope and the potential for recovery.

Levels of Care

Your recovery from a brain injury is supported by some of the most advanced treatments, research and programs.


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Care Team

Good Shepherd’s brain injury rehabilitation team is directed by a physician specializing in physical medicine and rehabilitation. The care team meets on a regular basis to assess your progress and develop or adjust your treatment goals.

  • Physiatrists (doctors who specializes in physical medicine and rehabilitation)
  • Rehab nurses
  • Physical therapists
  • Occupational therapists
  • Speech and language pathologists
  • Dietitians
  • Social workers and chaplains
  • Neuropsychologists
  • Case managers

Inpatient Brain Injury Rehabilitation Locations

The Brain Injury Rehabilitation Program, which is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF), specializes in evaluating and treating:

  • Movement, function, speech and language impairments that result from a brain injury
  • Behavior management to reduce or replace medication, teach relaxation, reduce stress and enhance the recovery process
  • Physical and cognitive skills through leisure and sports activities
  • Pain management
  • Brain function in the areas of cognitive abilities, behavior and emotional status via our team of neuropsychologists

Good Shepherd Rehabilitation offers brain injury rehabilitation for both children and adults at a number of our inpatient hospitals.

Good Shepherd Rehabilitation Hospital

Good Shepherd Rehabilitation Hospital is an inpatient rehabilitation unit located in Center Valley, Pennsylvania. Our patients choose Good Shepherd for inpatient care because of our compassionate, high-quality care and services, matched with the latest advancements in medical science. We offer world-class physical, occupational and speech therapies that are tailored to address your unique rehabilitation needs.

Our team includes highly skilled nurses and therapists who specialize in rehabilitation care, as well as physiatrists, psychologists and other specialists within Good Shepherd Rehabilitation Network as needed. We are passionate about helping you get your life back; one step at a time.

For more information, contact the Rehabilitation Hospital’s Admissions team at 1.888.44.REHAB (73422).

3200 Center Valley Parkway
Center Valley, PA 18034

Phone: 610.242.0345
Fax: 610.776.3502

Good Shepherd Rehabilitation Hospital Emily Howatt Pliskatt Pediatric Unit

Good Shepherd Pediatrics is the only provider in the region offering inpatient rehabilitation with specialized programs to treat children with complex medical and congenital conditions.

The physicians, nurses and therapists at the Good Shepherd Rehabilitation Hospital Pediatric Unit provide compassionate rehabilitation care to children up to age 21.

For more information, contact the Pediatric Unit’s Admissions team at 484.788.5492.

2855 Schoenersville Road
Bethlehem, PA 18017

Phone: 610.807.4200
Fax: 610.807.4205

Penn Medicine Rehabilitation

Penn Medicine Rehabilitation is an inpatient rehabilitation unit of the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, and managed by GSPP Rehabilitation. 

Our patients choose Penn Medicine Rehabilitation for our compassionate, high-quality care and services, matched with the latest advancements in medical science. We offer world-class physical, occupational and speech therapies that are tailored to address your unique rehabilitation needs.

1800 Lombard Street
Philadelphia, PA 19146

Phone: 215.893.6570

Outpatient Brain Injury Rehabilitation

Good Shepherd provides customized, interdisciplinary treatment that can include physiatry, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy and neuropsychology services. Outpatient brain injury rehabilitation is available at a number of locations throughout the Lehigh Valley and beyond.

  • Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PM&R) physicians, also known as physiatrists, provide care to maximize function, mobility and independence in patients who suffered a stroke. Physiatrists are specially trained, and coordinate with other members of the treatment team to address patients’ physical, emotional, medical and vocational needs.
  • Physical therapy helps with exercises and stretching to manage pain, improve circulation, prevent muscle atrophy, reduce weakness and contractures of the muscles and to improve overall wellness. Physical therapists also help patients build the necessary strength to safely move between bed and wheelchair or from sitting to standing and walking.
  • Occupational therapy helps patients develop the skills for activities of daily living (ADL) so they can be as independent as possible. This includes exercises to develop fine muscle control, basic hygiene and eating, and help with assistive devices such as wheelchairs, spinal braces, orthoses, and special controls or equipment for the home.
  • Speech therapy to help patients whose breathing, swallowing or speech is impacted.
  • Neuropsychology supports patients’ mental health with a “yes I can” perspective. Neuropsychologists specialize in how brain function relates to neurological and physical function and helps the patient and their family face diagnoses, conditions, and disabilities.

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Physician Services for Brain Injury

Our team of highly skilled, specialized physicians are leaders in innovative rehabilitation treatments and technologies. Adults and children travel from all over the region to benefit from our expertise, compassion and leading-edge care. The Good Shepherd Physician Group offers physical medicine and rehabilitation (physiatry) and neuropsychology to fully guide your recovery.

Recovering from a Traumatic Brain Injury

Karen Tetor noticed something was off with her husband, Paul.

Avid skiers, the Tetors were vacationing in Austria with plans to traverse various parts of the world-famous Alps.

Paul seemed disoriented. One night at dinner during a massive snowstorm, Paul suffered an excruciating headache. Thousands of miles from home and needing immediate medical attention, the Tetors headed to a hospital an hour away in Innsbruck.

Paul’s condition worsened during the drive. Before passing out, he reached out and rubbed Karen’s back. It was Paul’s way of telling her it’d be OK, Karen recalled.

“It was the most powerful moment in our marriage,” says Karen.

Brain Injury Support Group

Organized by the Lehigh Valley Head Trauma Support Group and hosted in person at Good Shepherd’s Hyland Center for Health & Technology, 850 S. 5th St. in Allentown, this group is open to adults with brain injuries, their families and friends, medical and rehabilitation professionals and all caring people who are working to promote better understanding, treatment and quality of life for people with brain injuries.

Meetings are 6:30-8 p.m. on the third Thursday of each month.

RSVP/Questions: [email protected] or 484.280.8364

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