Toe Walking

Toe walking is a pattern of walking where a child walks on the balls or tip toes of their feet without the heels touching the ground. Toe walking commonly occurs in toddlers who are learning to walk, but should quickly disappear. It also can be the result of an underlying condition such as Autism, sensory processing disorder, cerebral palsy or many more.

Prolonged toe walking can result in:

  • Tight muscles in the legs
  • Impaired walking or running
  • Pain in the legs
  • Increased risk of tripping and falling

Good Shepherd Pediatrics’ physical and occupational therapists use a comprehensive approach to address the multiple reasons for why children toe walk.

If your child is experiencing the effects of toe walking, a referral can be made to Kimberly Kuchinski, MD, MPH, FAAPMR, Good Shepherd’s pediatric physiatrist, who specializes in physical medicine and rehabilitation.

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