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When a limb is lost permanently due to disease, surgery, birth defect, accident or injury, physical rehabilitation can help amputees learn how to use their prosthetic limb(s) and to maximize function and independence at home, work and the community.

Amputee Rehabilitation Program

Good Shepherd’s Amputee Rehabilitation Program offers a highly individualized and holistic approach to rehabilitation care. The goal of the patient-centered program is to return individuals with an amputation to their highest potential of physical function and to regain a productive, rewarding lifestyle.

Good Shepherd’s team of medical professionals are directed and monitored by a physician specializing in physical and medical rehabilitation and amputation medicine. Patients and their families are integral members of the rehabilitation team and are actively involved in every step of the rehabilitation process. The care team meets on a regular basis to assess patient progress and develop or adjust treatment goals.

Pre- and Post-Amputee Rehabilitation Includes:

  • Evaluation of physical impairments as a result of amputation, including difficulty walking, working or performing tasks of daily living
  • Residual limb healing and management, including swelling reduction and strength improvement and range of motion
  • Evaluation and treatment of gait disorders
  • Joint contracture prevention and treatment
  • Pain control
  • Phantom limb syndrome
  • Residual limb desensitization
  • Orthotic shoe prescription for foot health

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