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Second Chance Program

Good Shepherd’s Second Chance Inpatient Rehabilitation Program offers patients with significant injuries, illnesses or chronic debilitating diseases (i.e., Parkinson’s disease, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, spinal cord injury, stroke) the chance to improve your condition, no matter how much time has passed since the initial diagnosis or last therapy sessions.

Second Chance is ideal for patients with chronic conditions who have issues walking, talking, dressing or performing other daily living activities.

The goal of this patient-centered program is to provide patients with an inpatient stay that will boost function and improve quality of life. Good Shepherd’s Second Chance team is directed by a physician specializing in physical medicine and rehabilitation. The care team meets on a regular basis to assess your progress and develop or adjust your treatment goals.

Second Chance Admission Criteria:

  • Must have ongoing, qualifying medical condition
  • Must have functional limitation(s)
  • Must be able to tolerate up to three hours of therapy per day
  • Must be evaluated by a Good Shepherd physician prior to admission approval

A guiding principle in Good Shepherd’s treatment approach is neuroplasticity, a life-changing concept. Mounting evidence suggests the brain and spinal cord have the ability to “rewire,” which can lead to functional return. Where once there was a permanent cognitive and/or physical deficit, now there is hope and the potential for recovery. In fact, Good Shepherd is the world’s leading clinical user of the Ekso Bionics™ exoskeleton, which helps patients who are unable to walk or face difficulty walking.

“If it wasn’t for [Good Shepherd], I don’t know if I’d be here.”

Brianne F., Second Chance Program and spinal cord injury rehabilitation patient