COVID Long Haulers Treatment

Professionally reviewed by Kelley Limbauan, PT, DPT, NCS, on 03/14/2023.

For many people, COVID-19 can have long-lasting effects on the body — a condition commonly referred to as “long COVID.”

The term “long hauler” is often used to describe patients who have lingering symptoms post COVID-19. To address these symptoms, Good Shepherd Rehabilitation Network offers a personalized treatment plan for COVID long haulers, which includes post-COVID rehabilitation services.

COVID Long Haulers Symptoms

For COVID long haulers, common symptoms include chronic fatigue and dizziness, shortness of breath, “brain fog,” balance issues, swallowing issues and muscle weakness. These symptoms can significantly limit your ability to perform activities of daily living, work duties, leisure activities, and maintain personal roles and responsibilities.

Long COVID symptoms may include cardiovascular impairments, muscle weakness, fatigue, joint pain and trouble completing daily tasks – all of which can lead to loss of independence.

How Long Does COVID Long Haulers Last?

COVID long haulers symptoms can last anywhere from four weeks to six months and beyond. This time line can vary greatly between individuals and is dependent on specific symptoms ant their severity. Research on recovery time and optimal treatment strategies is constantly evolving.

What Services Do We Offer To Treat COVID Long Haulers?

Good Shepherd offers individualized multidisciplinary care for individuals experiencing long hauler symptoms.

  • Physician services
  • Physical therapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Speech therapy

Our team of professionals works together to provide a plan of care that meets the needs of each individual.

Functional Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program

A physical therapy program focused on functional pulmonary rehabilitation can help you recover from COVID-19. Good Shepherd physical therapists concentrate on improving respiratory function, cognition and balance to maximize function and quality of life through:

  • Endurance training
  • Energy conservation strategies
  • Diaphragmatic breathing training
  • Paced breathing and positioning
  • Inspiratory muscle training
  • Pursed lip breathing
  • Manual facilitation techniques
  • Posture and relaxation strategies
  • Neurologic rehabilitation
  • Proprioceptive and kinesthetic re-training
  • Sensory organization training
  • Vestibular rehabilitation

Post-COVID Rehabilitation

Patients recovering from COVID-19 and are experiencing long-lasting physical and/or cognitive effects, our rehabilitation experts can help you:

  • Regain strength
  • Improve breathing and/or swallowing
  • Reduce pain, headaches, numbness or tingling
  • Improve cardiovascular endurance
  • Optimize cognitive function
  • Improve sleep wellness


COVID long haulers treatment is available at all of Good Shepherd’s 20-plus outpatient sites throughout the region.

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