Ekso Bionics Exoskeleton

Good Shepherd Rehabilitation Network (GSRN) is a national leader in the use of rehabilitation technology to help patients regain mobility.

GSRN is a clinical super-user of the Ekso for spinal cord injuries, and the organization was the first in North America to offer Ekso with Variable Assist available for patients who suffer a stroke or other neurological conditions. The device allows Good Shepherd therapists to help patients get on their feet faster and regain the ability to walk more quickly.

Good Shepherd’s therapists are specially trained in the use of the Ekso as part of therapy plans or for patient maintenance programs.

What is the Ekso Bionics Exoskeleton?

Ekso is a wearable, bionic suit that enables individuals with lower extremity paralysis or weakness to stand and walk. Battery powered motors drive the legs and replace neuro-muscular function.

Variable Assist is software that allows Good Shepherd’s clinicians to augment their patients’ strength by tuning the amount of power contributed to help walking efforts for either leg.

Who is it for?

Patients who have had a stroke or other neurolgical conditions (including incomplete spinal cord injuries) and have hemiparesis (partial paralysis of a lower limb or limbs).

Where is it Available?

Outpatient Neurorehabilitation
Hyland Center for Health & Technology
850 South 5th Street
Allentown, PA 18103

Inpatient Neurorehabilitation
Good Shepherd Rehabilitation Hospital
850 South 5th Street
Allentown, PA 18103

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