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Assistive Technology Services

Good Shepherd’s Assistive Technology Program offers a leading-edge and coordinated program that connects you with the proper technology to help you achieve your goals and maximize your independence.

A large number of our physical therapists, occupational therapists and speech-language pathologists are licensed certified assistive technology professionals (ATPs). Our therapists provide an evaluation and thorough training, in addition to working with funding agencies to procure the technology. After the delivery of a piece of technology, our therapists follow up to make sure the equipment is working properly.

What is Assistive Technology?

Assistive technologies come in many shapes, sizes and levels of intricacy, from reading glasses to gyro-balanced wheelchairs and from hearing aides to state-of-the-art electrical muscle stimulators.  These technologies help people with disabilities live more independent, fuller lives, and they help in the rehabilitation process of individuals who have suffered strokes or injuries, undergone surgery or were born with a debilitating disease.

Assistive Technology Specialties

Wheelchair & Seating Clinic

The therapists at the RJ Foundation Mobility Center will connect you with an appropriate manual or electric wheelchair or mobility product (three-wheeled scooter or other system) to maximize your safety and independence, while improving your function, skin integrity, comfort and quality of life.

Driver Evaluation & Adoptive Driving Program

Designed for people with physical or cognitive disabilities or older adults wanting to extend their driving years, the Safe Driver Evaluation & Training Program assesses an individual’s ability to safely operate a motor vehicle, with or without adaptive driving aids. Program evaluations may provide physicians with objective data to be used when completing medical forms from the State Bureau of Driver Qualifications.

Augmentative and Alternative Communication Program

Augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) technologies and techniques provide a means of expressive and receptive communication for persons with limited or no speech abilities. Our highly skilled therapists will evaluate you and connect you with an appropriate assistive technology, from simple picture and letter boards to highly sophisticated speech-generating devices. Our therapists can help you compensate for a physical impairment by matching you with technologies such as switches, infrared head controls and eye-response systems.

Adaptive Computer Access and Electronic Aids for Daily Living (EADLs)

Our expert therapists will evaluate you and connect you with computer technology that will improve your literacy and writing, improve cognitive development and remedy visual deficits. Technologies available include voice recognition software, infrared computer access, switch access, adaptive keyboard and mouse, and eye-response systems.

EADLs provide you with more control over your environment and include self-help aids to eating, bathing, cooking, dressing, toileting and home maintenance. Aids for the visually impaired include magnifiers, speech output devices, large-print screens and closed-circuit television for enlarging documents.

Environmental control systems help people with disabilities function in their home environment and include switches, infrared devices and voice controls that allow for the control of appliances, electronics and security systems.


Harry C. Trexler Center for Assistive Technology Robert & Marian Edwards Center
850 South 5th Street
Allentown, PA 18103

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