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As a national leader in the use of innovative rehabilitation treatments and technologies, it takes a dedicated, skilled and educated team of physicians to maintain Good Shepherd Rehabilitation Network’s high standards of care. We employ a group of physicians who come from around the world, are well respected in the medical community and are considered to be some of the best in their fields including physical medicine and rehabilitationneuropsychology and optometry.

In-Person Appointments

Our outpatient physician practices are open and have numerous precautions in place to keep you safe and comfortable during your visit, including:

  • All staff are screened daily to ensure we are healthy before providing your care.
  • All staff wear face masks to ensure you are protected.
  • Every patient and visitor is screened for COVID-19 twice – by phone prior to your appointment and before you enter our offices.
  • To minimize contact, registration is done by phone and (only when needed) in-person.
  • We limit your exposure to others by staggering appointments and limiting the number of patients in our waiting room.
  • Lastly, we ask that patients bring no more than one guest to in-person appointments, and we ask guests to wait outside our office.

Telehealth Appointments

You can also see a Good Shepherd doctor from the comfort and safety of your home if you prefer. Telehealth appointments can be held through Zoom, FaceTime or phone. Many patients have found this to be an effective option during the pandemic whether discussing a new or recurring problem.