Outpatient Pediatric Rehabilitation

Professionally reviewed by Amanda Kleckner, PT, DPT, administrative director of pediatrics, on 05/19/2022.

Being a child is about having fun, exploring and learning. Good Shepherd Pediatrics offers leading-edge rehabilitation services and the use of innovative technologies, including the Trexo Plus robotic exoskeleton technology to help children with developmental and/or physical disabilities or injuries live their lives to the fullest.

Pediatric Rehabilitation Services

At multiple outpatient locations, our highly trained pediatric physiatrist, physical therapists, occupational therapists and speech-language pathologists work with you and your child on their physical and/or cognitive development, skills, communication and so much more. We achieve this through:

  • Aquatic therapy
  • Feeding therapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Physical therapy
  • Physician services
  • Speech/language therapy

Pediatric Conditions

Our team specializes in caring for children with unique needs, such as illness, injury, chronic condition or development delay. Through proven rehabilitation and assistive technologies as well as hands-on therapies, we work to maximize our patients’ function and independence.

  • ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder)
  • Autism spectrum disorders
  • Brain injury
  • Central auditory processing problems
  • Cerebral palsy
  • Developmental delays
  • Pediatric feeding disorders
  • Muscular dystrophy
  • Orthopedic conditions
  • Sensory integration dysfunction
  • Speech/language impairments
  • Stroke
  • Toe walking

Specialty Services

  • Assistive technology
  • Augmentative and alternative communication
  • DIR® Model
  • Interactive Metronome
  • Neurodevelopmental treatment
  • The Listening Program
  • Toe walking
  • Trexo Plus exoskeleton

Specialty Evaluations

  • Assistive technology
  • Augmentative and alternative communication
  • Bracing
  • Driving
  • Equipment
  • Feeding
  • HINE (Hammersmith Infant Neurological Examination)
  • Toe walking
  • Wheelchair

Patient and Family Advisory Council

Good Shepherd’s Patient and Family Advisory Council (PFAC) consists of community and staff volunteers working together to improve the patient, caregiver and family experience at Good Shepherd. Each PFAC member (advisor) is a staff member or has experience as either a patient, family member or caregiver.
The PFAC, which meets virtually once per quarter, discusses important issues pertaining to the delivery of inpatient and outpatient pediatric rehabilitation. Advisors have the opportunity to contribute their perspective regarding the issues discussed and work
to improve:

  • Patient safety
  • Quality of care
  • Patient and family experiences
  • Communication, research and education
  • Patient-centered care

For more information, email [email protected].

FAQ About Pediatric Rehabilitation at Good Shepherd

Q. Who can receive pediatric rehabilitation at Good Shepherd?
A. The Good Shepherd Pediatric Rehabilitation Program is a comprehensive outpatient rehabilitation program that provides diagnostic, evaluative treatment and referral services for children up to 18 years of age who experience difficulty with the normal developmental process, have identified disabilities or are experiencing learning problems.

Q. How can I get my child into Good Shepherd’s Pediatrics Program?
A. If you are concerned about your child’s development, talk to your family doctor or pediatrician about a referral or prescription for services at Good Shepherd. You may also contact Good Shepherd for more information.

Q. Will my insurance cover pediatric care at Good Shepherd?
A. Good Shepherd Rehabilitation Network holds contracts with most insurance providers, and we will work with any insurance provider on behalf of our patients.

Q. How will I be involved in my child’s treatment plan?
A. Upon entry into the Good Shepherd Pediatric Rehabilitation Program, each child is thoroughly evaluated to determine his or her special needs. Parental information and input is essential for the development of any treatment plan, and Good Shepherd will work with your entire family to ensure that all questions are answered. We also ask for your consent for any recommended treatment. Treatment plans are then reviewed regularly to measure progress toward goals, and we will provide you with updates upon the completion of each treatment session.

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