Stuttering Therapy

Stuttering is a communication disorder where the forward flow of speech is broken by repeated syllables, words or sounds, prolongations, or stoppages of sounds and syllables.

Also referred to as stammering, it can be caused by genetics, childhood development or neurophysiology. Stuttering also can be impacted by environmental factors.

Stuttering Services

Serving both adults and children, Good Shepherd tailors outpatient stuttering therapy to each individual, providing advocacy, support and guidance.

In addition to participation-focused treatment and confident communication strategies, specific services include:

  • Diagnosis and therapy for children and adults who stutter
  • Collaboration with school-based speech-language pathology services
  • Analysis of types and durations of speech disturbances
  • Traditional fluency shaping and stuttering modification
  • Analysis of psychological, cognitive, emotional and other factors associated with speech disturbances
  • Family education and training
  • Environmental management and support

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