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Driving Evaluation/Training

For older adults wanting to extend their driving years, the Safe Driver Evaluation Program helps assess an individual’s ability to safely operate a motor vehicle. Program evaluations provide physicians with objective data to be used when completing medical forms for the State Bureau of Driver Qualifications.

Individuals may be referred to the program by physician prescription,self-referral, workers’ compensation or the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation (OVR).

Program Services


  • Physical measurements: To assess range of motion, strength, coordination, sensation, reaction time
  • Visual measurements: To assess acuity (clarity of vision), depth perception, peripheral vision, night vision
  • Perceptual testing: To assess cognitive functioning, memory and visual scanning/sequences

Driving Evaluation

  • The evaluation of driving skills on the road takes place with a specially trained driving instructor in a Good Shepherd training vehicle.
  • The individual must have a valid license or permit to perform this portion of the evaluation.

Program results and recommendations may include:

  • Adaptive driving equipment recommendations
  • Report sent to referring physician (with copy to client) or workers’ compensation/OVR
  • Written prescription of adaptive driving aids and list of vendor recommendations
  • Equipment assessment prescription (car toppers, lifts, ramps, vehicle accessibility)
  • Driver training sessions if applicable

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