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Trexo Plus

Good Shepherd Pediatrics is proud to be one of a handful of “Centers of Excellence” in the United States to pioneer Trexo Plus, a pint-size, wearable technology that empowers children to walk — maybe even for the first time in their lives. No other rehabilitation provider in Pennsylvania offers this life-changing technology.

Who Can Trexo Plus Help?

Trexo Plus is ideal for children ages 3-6 with lower-extremity weakness and/or spasticity who have been diagnosed with cerebral palsy, pediatric stroke, spinal cord injury, gait disorder and other conditions.

How Trexo Plus Works

The device’s robotic legs are attached to a colorful, high-tech walker, which allows children to walk hands-free in a safe, correct and consistent manner. Patients actively participate in their movement while in the Trexo Plus. Good Shepherd Pediatrics’ highly trained team is able to control and monitor the device from a tablet, all while working directly with the child.

Trexo Plus’ weight-bearing design helps children to walk farther as they gain strength.