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Trexo Plus

Robotic Technology Empowers Children to Walk

Good Shepherd Pediatrics is proud to be one of a handful of “Centers of Excellence” in the United States to pioneer Trexo Plus, a robotic exoskeleton technology that encourages independence and physical activity.

Good Shepherd is the only health-care provider on the East Coast to provide all three sizes of the wearable device — available in small, medium and large. We even have fun names for them: Dash, Trexosaurus Rex and The Hylander.

The technology allows children with lower-extremity weakness and/or spasticity to get on their feet and walk — maybe even for the first time.

“We noticed pretty quickly that Emily’s muscles responded to the therapy. At home playing, she was squatting and picking things up to play with. Trexo really allowed her to do that. … She loves people and is happy and proud to do things on her own. It allows her some independence that she doesn’t normally have.”

Jennifer Pineda, mother of Emily (pictured above)

How Trexo Plus Technology Works

  • Robotic legs allow children to walk hands-free in a safe, correct and consistent manner
  • Weight-bearing design encourages kids to walk farther as they gain strength
  • Therapists can control and monitor the device to promote a correct gait pattern
  • Good Shepherd has three devices: small (1-3 years old), medium (3-6 years) and large (6 years and up)

Who Can the Robotic Exoskeleton Technology Help?

Trexo Plus is ideal for children diagnosed with:

  • Cerebral palsy
  • Pediatric stroke
  • Spinal cord injury
  • Gait disorders and more

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