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Wheelchair Seating and Mobility Clinic

The therapists at the RJ Foundation Mobility Center will connect you with an appropriate manual or electric wheelchair or mobility product (three-wheeled scooter or other system) to maximize your safety and independence, while improving your function, skin integrity, comfort and quality of life.

Our certified therapists will evaluate your physical measurements, range of motion, strength, coordination, sensation, reflexes, skin integrity, balance, transfers and ambulation. You will be able to test various wheelchairs, mobility systems and seating options. The results of your evaluation are sent to your physicians and your wheelchair vendor. Our therapists provide equipment delivery, adjustments, training and home evaluations.

Other services provided include modifications to wheelchairs and other seating systems to provide greater body stability, trunk/head support, upright posture and pressure reduction. Through computerized pressure mapping, Good Shepherd therapists can assess pressure patterns and develop, adjust and implement pressure-relieving seating systems to help ensure your maximum skin integrity.


Harry C. Trexler Center for Assistive Technology Robert & Marian Edwards Center
850 South 5th Street
Allentown, PA 18103

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