Vision Therapy

If the body’s visual system is not working correctly, poor vision can lead to other life-altering problems, including impaired balance, double vision, limitations in the field of vision, risk of falling and difficulty with reading, learning, driving, navigating the environment, visual memory and visual-spatial awareness.

Good Shepherd’s Vision Therapy Program is for persons throughout their lifespan whose vision-related problems stem from neurological injuries or developmental disorders, such as traumatic brain injury, concussion, stroke, autism, sensory processing difficulties or other vision impairments. Specially trained occupational therapists collaborate with local optometrists to help patients overcome neurological and developmental vision deficiencies and to support visual function.

Note: The program is not intended to correct acuity issues or low vision.

How Vision Therapy Can Help

  • Eye muscle function, eye movements and depth perception
  • Field of vision and suppression
  • Difficulty reading, remembering, learning
  • Balancing and navigating the environment
  • Driving issues

Therapy Tools and Techniques

  • Specialized computer programs to address depth perception, visual suppressions and visual field loss.
  • Prisms
  • Neuro-visual postural therapy to treat balance and body awareness
  • Accommodative lenses to assist in treating focus
  • Traditional techniques, such as range of motion exercises and perceptual work

Vision Therapy Locations

Good Shepherd Rehabilitation Network offers vision therapy at a number of our outpatient locations throughout the Lehigh Valley. Find a location near you.

  • East Greenville
  • The Hyland Center for Health & Technology
  • Souderton

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