Workers’ Compensation Rehabilitation Services

Good Shepherd Rehabilitation’s Workers’ Compensation program — Good Shepherd at Work — delivers a team-based approach to helping injured workers recover more fully and return to work faster.

Workers’ Compensation Services

Good Shepherd at Work offers extended hours and more than 20 locations in the region to choose from, helping patients meet their treatment requirements off of company time.

  • Physician and therapy services for injured workers
  • Care coordination
  • Pain management
  • Functional capacity evaluations (FCE)
  • Impairment rating evaluations
  • Work conditioning
  • On-site safety programs

Work Conditioning

Good Shepherd’s expertise and skill in rehabilitation, including work conditioning, puts employees back to work quickly and prevents injury.

What Does Work Conditioning Do?

Work conditioning provides exercises to physically prepare workers for the job at hand. This specialized type of care helps prevent injuries by focusing on endurance and strength tailored to specific job roles in manufacturing, retail, hospitality, health care, construction and other industries.

  • Is there bending, straightening, gripping, holding or twisting involved?
  • Is there excessive heat, cold or vibration?
  • Is there a fixed or constrained body position or continual repetition?
  • How much force is placed on small body parts, such as the hand or wrist?
  • Does the pace of the job allow for sufficient recovery?

Occupational Health Expertise

Restoring function is at the core of Good Shepherd Rehabilitation’s mission. We offer:

  • Therapists with advanced certifications in orthopedic and hand rehabilitation, work conditioning and functional capacity evaluations (FCEs)
  • The most Matheson certified functional capacity evaluators (FCEs) in Pennsylvania
  • Physicians who are board-certified in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and as designated impairment rating evaluation (IRE) providers
  • Case managers to act as a liaison between injured workers, their rehabilitation team and their employer

Physician Services

  • Nearly a dozen physiatrists who are board-certified in physical medicine and rehabilitation and have experience in knowing how the body works
  • Designated impairment rating evaluation (IRE) providers
  • Specialized medical directors in spinal cord injury, stroke, brain injury, amputation and occupational medicine

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