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Electromyography (EMG)

Good Shepherd’s physiatrists are experienced in administering electromyography (EMG) tests, which measure muscle response or electrical activity of muscles at rest and during movement or contraction. This diagnostic test can find diseases that damage muscle tissue, nerves or the junctions between nerves and muscles, as well as determine the cause of weakness, paralysis or muscle twitching (i.e., muscular dystrophy or carpal tunnel syndrome).

What is an EMG?

An electrodiagnostic study (EMG) involves the recording of responses to electrical stimulation for the purposes of diagnosing a condition. The sheer complexity of the spine makes determining the exact source of a patient’s pain a difficult undertaking.

In addition, the fact that many other musculoskeletal problems can mimic spinal mediated pain makes it essential that a clinician perform a thorough evaluation in order to offer treatments that will result in the best outcomes. Part of this evaluation may include EMG, which can help evaluate the integrity of nerves and possibly identify nerve abnormalities that could cause pain.

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