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A Field Trip to Remember – By Ernesto Perez

My name is Ernesto Perez and I’m 11 years old.  I’m a fifth grader at Roosevelt Elementary School in Allentown. On November 13th, I went on a field trip to visit Good Shepherd’s Health and Technology Center. I was picked because I like to help people who are sick. I would also like to help people who can’t speak and can’t hear. 

On the field trip, I really liked how the people at Good Shepherd take their time to make new things that help people who can’t move. I almost cried when I saw and heard about people like that.  I wanted to help them right away.  It made me think of my step-grandma. She was in the Marines and when she got out her back was not the same.  So she had surgery and she has some kind of belt that helps her bones grow.  She was in a wheelchair for a good amount of time.  Then they just gave her a belt to put around her. 

When I get a little older I want to do what they do at Good Shepherd. I wouldn’t feel so helpless because of the technology.  For example, if someone can’t move, they can talk to their house and it will do what they say.  If you asked the computer to turn on whatever you want, like turn on the TV or move the curtains up, it would do what you need.

I really liked the trip and when I went home I was talking to my stepmom about how much I learned. It was a really good experience for me.