Carving a Path to Independence

January 22, 2024

Two adults smiling in hiking gear, a llama is on the left frame of the image.

NEW RINGGOLD, Pa. – Avid nature enthusiasts, Todd Gladfelter and Cindy Ross built their log house in Schuylkill County entirely from scratch.

“And that’s how I became good with the chainsaw,” Todd said. “I started carving and the last 10 years I pretty much went full-time with it where I was carving like 150 pieces a year. I couldn’t get enough of it.”

A fall from a roof — and a resulting spinal cord injury — changed everything for Todd and Cindy in an instant.

“I hopped on, and my first step I started to slide, so I quick took a second step, and that’s all I remember,” he said.

Todd Gladfelter holding a chainsaw and sitting on a dinosaur he carved out of wood

“If you want to get better and you want to recover, Good Shepherd is the place to go.”

Cindy Ross

This is Todd and Cindy’s story of perseverance following Todd’s injury — a journey to walk, remain active and to one day carve again.

Photos courtesy of Todd Gladfelter

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