Therapists at Good Shepherd’s Health and Technology Center are using Pilates as part of rehabilitation to improve strength and movement in the body.

During the initial evaluation, therapists assess whether Pilates will benefit the patient. When appropriate, Pilates is utilized as one component of the individualized therapy plan.

Using specialized Pilates exercises, therapists at Good Shepherd are able to lessen and eliminate pain with movement integration. Pilates equipment can be adjusted to work different muscles and make exercises more challenging for patients as they progress.

Pilates is versatile, offering a range of benefits to many people.  Similar to the way water provides resistance in aquatic physical therapy, Pilates uses spring tension to provide resistance. Pilates can be used with patients who suffer from back and neck pain, spinal cord injuries, as well as arthritic clients, multiple sclerosis clients and even people looking to take control of their fall risk.

Pilates’ benefits include:

  • Reinforced rehabilitation techniques - postural alignment, muscle performance and motor control
  • Balanced muscular development
  • Greater ease with performance
  • Stronger core stability
  • Improved coordination and balance
  • Increased strength and flexibility

At Good Shepherd, Pilates is taught by a physical therapist who also is certified by the Pilates Method Alliance.

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