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A Savings Program Benefiting People With Disabilities

We have some good news to share for people with disabilities and their families. Recently, the Pennsylvania Treasury Department launched the Pennsylvania ABLE Saving Program (PA ABLE). 

Modeled after college savings accounts, ABLE accounts allow individuals with qualifying disabilities and their families to save for a wide range of disability-related expenses while maintaining eligibility for government benefits. The federal tax-free savings and investment options are offered to encourage individuals with a disability and their families to save private funds to support health, independence and quality of life.

PA ABLE accounts can be used for day-to-day expenses, as well as long-term savings goals.  They can also be part of parents’ planning for the financial security of their adult children with disabilities for the time when the parents may no longer be able to provide financial support or care.

Visit the PA ABLE website for more information including eligibility requirements, contribution limits, investment options, and answers to frequently asked questions, or call 855-529-ABLE (2253)

Source:  www.paable.gov

Good Shepherd does not endorse any specific organization, service provider or product. You should consult an advisor to assist you in determining if a PA ABLE account is the right option for your family and before opening an account.

*The Pennsylvania ABLE Savings Program is administered by the Pennsylvania Treasury Department.  Before investing, please carefully read the Disclosure Statement (available at PAABLE.gov or by calling 855-529-2253) to learn more about the program, including its effect on federal and state benefits, investment objectives, risks, fees, and tax implications.