Good Shepherd Gets Mark Suabedissen Back…Twice

July 21, 2021

Mark Suabedissen standing with a walker in a treatment room within the Good Shepherd Rehabilitation Hospital in South Allentown.

Although June 23, 2020, started like any other day for Mark Suabedissen, it would end with an accident that would forever change the course of his life.

Mark, a carpenter, was working on a ladder that day when he fell to the ground. The fall left him with severe injuries, including a broken neck and shattered discs in his spine.

After a short stay at an acute-care hospital, Mark arrived at the Good Shepherd Rehabilitation Hospital in South Allentown on July 7. Upon arrival, Mark could only move his shoulder and right arm.

His care team acted quickly, starting Mark on an intense rehabilitation program designed to regain movement and his overall independence.

Mark says he worked hard to recover. He spent at least three hours every day in therapy, including time walking in a robotic exoskeleton, the Ekso. Under the guidance of his therapist, therapy in the exoskeleton helped Mark strengthen his legs and learn how to walk again.

Mark says the unwavering support from his Good Shepherd care team, especially during those early days, made all the difference.

“It’s very easy to be in a good mood here,” says Mark. “It’s amazing to see how much the staff cares. The doctors all checked in on me, and the patients even had a friendly competition with the staff to see who could walk the farthest that day.”

When Mark left the Good Shepherd Rehabilitation Hospital in November, he walked out on his own with minimal support from a walker.

As fate would have it, though, that would not be Mark’s last experience with Good Shepherd. In May 2020, Mark was diagnosed with a heart murmur, which required triple bypass surgery.

There was no doubt in Mark’s mind where he would again turn for inpatient rehabilitation. In fact, on his first day back at the Rehabilitation Hospital, numerous members of his first care team stopped by to welcome him back.

“Coming back to Good Shepherd was a good choice,” says Mark.

These days, Mark is feeling great; he has full use of his hands and is walking completely on his own.

Good Shepherd “got me back,” says Mark.

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