How Marcia Got Back to Work After Injury

November 30, 2020

Marcia Heras’ job at a regional warehouse is to handle and place boxes of all shapes, weights and sizes.

But after sustaining a shoulder injury, Marcia couldn’t lift anything heavier than 10 pounds, forcing her to shift to less physical tasks at work. Eventually, the pain grew so intense that Marcia couldn’t lift her arm at all.

“At home, I couldn’t do anything about the intense pain,” Marcia said.

Needing to get back to work and living her life, Marcia received a referral to Good Shepherd for physical rehabilitation.

Because of the physical nature of Marcia’s warehouse job, her therapy focused on rotator cuff strengthening, stabilizing her shoulder blade and performing overall conditioning exercises.

During therapy at the Good Shepherd Health & Technology Center in Allentown, Marcia simulated lifting boxes and performed carrying exercises to strengthen and condition her muscles. The customized therapy eventually resulted in Marcia’s quick, safe return to work two weeks later.

In addition to going back to her job, Marcia became a member of Good Shepherd’s Optimal Fitness, the region’s first accessible fitness center for people of all abilities. Each week, Marcia works on strengthening her arms, legs and back — for her job, but also for herself.

“My shoulder feels good,” Marcia said. “Everyone at Good Shepherd has been kind enough to give me all the support I need to overcome the injury. I am very grateful.”

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