Fogelsville Grandmother Bounces Back from Knee Replacement to Enjoy Life, Grandkids

September 17, 2019

Having conquered a double-knee replacement before, Danette Gerbino found herself faced with needing another right knee.

The 68-year-old Fogelsville, Pennsylvania, resident eventually underwent revision knee replacement surgery. Following the procedure — which involved inserting a rod in her right leg — Danette’s balance and strength needed to be built back up.

“I didn’t realize how much your balance is affected because your strength is affected,” says Danette, who also experienced significant pain following joint-replacement surgery.

Wanting to get back to her everyday life — picking up her grandkids, getting in and out of cars pain-free, going for long walks — Danette began working with Good Shepherd Physical Therapy. She found a location close to home and she felt comfortable with the team.

“I knew Good Shepherd. I knew they have a good reputation,” says Danette. “They made it feel like a family atmosphere.”

Before starting therapy, Danette’s movements were cautious. She couldn’t bend her knee without pain and could only get it to 90 degrees. But a steady and varied program of physical therapy involving the treadmill, bicycle, leg press, step lunges, foam roller, squats and more helped Danette make big strides over a couple of months.

Danette is stronger and can walk for longer periods of time. Now able to bend her knee to 116 degrees, she can get down on her right knee. She can put on pants without needing to sit down. She can get in and out of cars.

“I get around a lot more,” says Danette. “Before, it was even a chore to get up.”

Most importantly, she’s able to chase around her beloved grandchildren and entertain them at sleepovers.

“I feel younger now,” says Danette.

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