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Pediatric Neurorehabilitation Services

Comprehensive Pediatric Neurorehabilitation Services

Good Shepherd Pediatrics offers leading-edge neurorehabilitation at our inpatient unit in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, and at nine outpatient facilities throughout the Lehigh Valley. Treatment is available for infants, children and...

Case Study: Anoxic Brain Injury

Patient:  11-year-old boy with history of congenital heart defect who underwent a palliative surgery for his defect but post-operatively had heart block and went back to the operating room for pacemaker placement. 

The BrainSTEPS Program

Good Shepherd Pediatrics is a participant in the BrainSTEPS Program, a joint initiative of the Brain Injury Association of Pennsylvania, the Pennsylvania Department of Health and the Pennsylvania Department of Education. BrainSTEPs helps students reintegrate into the school system after a...