Case Study: Trexo Robotic Gait Training for Traumatic Brain Injury

Patient History

  • 9-year-old male who sustained a traumatic brain injury (TBI) in an accident
  • Gait training using the Trexo Plus robotic gait trainer was initiated within the first three weeks of inpatient rehabilitation stay
  • Trexo was used for approximately four weeks, two to three times per week; the goal of Trexo use was to provide early motor learning of the stepping pattern, improve tolerance to standing and promote lower extremity strengthening

Condition Upon Referral

  • Minimally responsive to verbal commands
  • Unable to move left side of body
  • Eyes remained closed a majority of day and night
  • Unable to communicate
  • Maximal assistance required to sit at bed’s edge
  • Dependent for all transfers and transitions due to minimal weight bearing and poor trunk control
  • Completely blind
  • G-tube and tracheostomy dependent and required use of CPAP

Current Condition

  • Performing sit-to-stand transfers with contact guard assistance
  • Walks with hand-held assistance of one person for steadying assistance and visual guidance only; able to step on his own
  • Sit at bed’s edge with supervision
  • Stands with supervision for several minutes at a time
  • Eats all meals by mouth
  • Decannulated without need for any respiratory support
  • Speaks to hold a conversation and communicates his wants and needs

Potential Alternative Without Robotic Gait Training

  • Initiation of gait training later in his inpatient rehabilitation stay, leading to later ambulation and less functional independence at time of discharge
  • Increased time required to learn stepping pattern
  • Return to home and school more reliant on a wheelchair
  • Delayed improvement in trunk control and lower extremity strength, impacting his ability to complete activities of daily living

For additional information on Good Shepherd Pediatrics’ use of Trexo Plus robotic gait training technology in inpatient rehabilitation, contact Brenda Early, RN, BSN, at 484-788-5492 or [email protected].