There’s Still Time To Hit the Slopes (Safely) in Spring

Spring is just around the corner, temperatures are starting to rise and days are getting longer.

For a snow sports enthusiast, spring usually means that it’s time for a big trip up north or out west where conditions are still optimal.

If you stick around to enjoy some spring skiing close to home, you’ll find challenging conditions. The snow will be frozen in the morning and become wet later in the day.

Hopefully, most skiers have logged countless hours on the slopes this winter, and you are ready for this challenge.

In general, heavier snow means heavier work on your legs (although, it can also mean more forgiving mogul skiing).

It’s important that your legs, joints and muscles are conditioned properly if you are to safely enjoy spring skiing. Proper conditioning is a year-round endeavor. Ski season is almost over, and then your cross training and conditioning for next winter can begin.

As always, if you are recovering from an injury and looking to get back on the slopes, or if you need innovative ideas to keep your training fresh and exciting, talk to your favorite physical therapist.

See you on the slopes!

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