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Aquatic Therapy Benefits People with Parkinson’s Disease

Most people are aware that exercising in the water offers great benefits for people with joint issues, such as arthritis. But did you know that aquatic therapy also helps people with neurological conditions, such as Parkinson’s disease (PD)?

Osteoporosis: A Concern for All Ages

Often associated with aging, osteoporosis is a silent disease characterized by low bone mass and structural deterioration. The bone becomes porous and therefore fragile and susceptible to fracture. The price tag of osteoporosis is high and the human cost even higher as it interferes with activities of daily living and/or contributes to other health complications.

EMGs for Diagnosis

In health care, a diagnostic test is any kind of medical test performed to aid in the diagnosis or detection of disease. EMG is short hand for “electromyography,” which is a diagnostic test, much like an EKG or X-ray. The EMG measures the muscle response or electrical activity of muscles at rest and during movement or contraction.

An EMG is administered to:

Personal Health Information: How and What to Track

Quality health care is a team effort that includes doctors, nurses, pharmacists, insurance providers and, most importantly, patients and loved ones. You can play an active role in your health care by:

The Study of How You Walk and Its Impact on Your Medical Care

The study of a person's style of walking or running – referred to as “gait” – can be a very helpful and accurate clinical tool. Clinical gait analysis is the process of measuring a person’s walking/running characteristics and identifying abnormalities to assist in treatment decisions for persons with complex and not easily understood walking problems.

Cancer-Related Fatigue

When our calendars are bursting at the seams with work, household responsibilities and activities, feeling tired from time to time is almost expected. Cancer-related fatigue is very different and goes beyond feeling tired. In fact, according to the American Cancer Society, the well-documented phenomenon is the most common side effect of cancer treatment.

Bowel Management Requires More than Medication

Bowel dysfunction is a life altering consequence of a spinal cord injury (SCI) or other neurological disorders. It affects the physical, social and emotional well-being of people with spinal cord injuries and can result in fecal incontinence or severe constipation.
What is a bowel management program?

Pilates for Rehabilitation

Today you can find a Pilates class in nearly every community and Pilates fitness DVDs are readily available at your local store or online. It seems like everyone is either taking a Pilates class or interested in starting a Pilates exercise program.

Coping with Chronic Back Pain

The spine is a complex system, which is composed of many joints that allow us to bend, flex and twist freely. In fact, we bend and flex an average of 3,000 - 5,000 times per day. At this rate, it may come as no surprise that it can be hard to resolve back pain or heal a back injury.

Checklist: Is Vision Therapy Right for You?

Vision therapyDo you know the difference between sight and vision? Sight is how clearly we see objects, like road signs and books. When objects become blurry, it is typically time to have your sight (or acuity) checked at the doctor’s office to update your eyeglass prescription. Vision, on the other hand, involves how the eyes work with the brain and how the brain interprets what we see.


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