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Safety for Senior Drivers

Although you can become a legal driver at age 16, there is not a designated age at which your driving privileges must end. It’s difficult to decide when to stop driving, because we all age differently and may encounter medical issues that will impact our function.

Summer Nutrition: Picnics and Farmers’ Markets

Summer is a perfect time to throw a picnic! Picnics are great places to enjoy the weather, eat, and relax. However, picnics generally offer a variety of foods that are high in fat and add unwanted weight to our waistline. Here are some tips for healthy eating at picnics:

What Is Neuroplasticity?

NeuroplasticityYears ago, a traumatic injury or neurological event, such as a stroke, brain injury or spinal cord injury that caused loss of function may have been considered a permanent condition. In fact, many patients with paralysis were told they would “never walk again.” Today, neuroplasticity challenges that once foregone conclusion by suggesting that the brain has the ability to “rewire” itself, which can lead to functional return.

Home Exercise Is Important to Relieve Back Pain

back painIf you have back pain, physical therapy can help reduce discomfort and improve your quality of life. But finding relief from back pain involves more than spending a few hours a week in outpatient therapy – it takes a commitment to home exercise.

Summertime Tips for Kids with Sensory Issues

Sensory IssuesFor kids with sensory issues, summertime brings a new set of considerations and special concerns. The air conditioner is too cold. The sunshine is too bright. The sand is too gritty. Sound familiar? To help your little one have fun in the sun this summer, consider the following:

Soccer: Proper Training to Prevent Injuries

soccerSoccer is one of the most physically demanding sports in the world. The game is played in two, fast-paced 45-minute halves, with a short 15-minute halftime. The playing field (typically 70-80 yards wide by 110-120 yards long) is significantly larger than football and lacrosse fields.

Bike and Scooter Safety Tips for Kids

Bike and Scooter Safety for Kids

When the weather turns nice and the school bell chimes, kids from preschool to pre-teen cruise their neighborhoods on bikes, trikes and scooters. Riding a bike is a rite of passage and often one of the first strides towards independence, but it is important to follow a few safety tips to avoid head injuries, like concussions, and other preventable injuries.

Travel Tips for People with Disabilities

Vacations are intended to be stress free: a time to relax, travel, sight-see and enjoy activities with friends and family.

Traveling for people with disabilities, however, can be complicated, stress-inducing and sometimes a struggle, but it doesn’t have to be. A little preparation can go a long way. 

General Travel Tips

Virtual Reality System Helps People Recover from Balance Disorders

A patient dons a safety harness, steps onto a platform that begins to shift beneath his feet and tries to keep his balance while watching a moving figure on a 180-degree screen. This may sound like the latest virtual reality game, but it’s actually the Bertec Dynamic CDP balance system, a device that uses NASA-inspired technology to help people recover from balance disorders.

Tech Tips: Accessibility Options on Your iPad

Did you know that iPad devices have accessibility options already built into the operating system (iOS)? Without any additional upgrades, apps or other sophisticated gadgets, your iPad can read you a book, magnify print, lock the device onto a single app and reduce clutter on webpages. Say goodbye to all those pesky shoe ads!


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