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Benefits of Deep Abdominal Breathing

Are you stressed out? We all have feelings of tension or anxiety throughout the day. Sometimes we may feel lethargic or tired.

Deep abdominal breathing can help improve your mood, reduce stress and promote overall health.

What in the World Is the PfaDFC?

The “PfaDFC” is not alphabet soup! It’s the acronym for the “Partnership for a Disability Friendly Community,” an initiative launched almost two years ago in response to a recommendation by a group of community leaders.

An Update on the State of Good Shepherd

Throughout the past year, Good Shepherd Rehabilitation Network has had many reasons to celebrate. The organization has continued to grow, now serving more people in more places than ever before. Including Good Shepherd Penn Partners, our joint venture with Penn Medicine in Philadelphia, Good Shepherd provides care to more than 56,000 individuals annually in more than 40 locations throughout eastern Pennsylvania and southern New Jersey.

Good Shepherd Specialty Hospital Celebrates 10 Years

Ten years ago Good Shepherd Rehabilitation Network, responding to the requests of local acute-care hospitals, began providing a new level of care to a unique segment of patients. The Good Shepherd Specialty Hospital was the first long-term acute care hospital (LTACH) in the region to care for individuals who are medically stable, but who have complex issues, such as ventilator dependency, wounds that won’t heal or multiple serious injuries or illnesses.

Safe Driver Evaluation: Maintaining Independence in Older Adults

As we age, we may become more forgetful, our reaction time slows and our vision may begin to fail. Present in an active driver, these conditions can cause unsafe driving and lead to accidents or worse. Getting a safe driver evaluation, especially after age 65, can give you or your loved one the tools and confidence to continue driving safely.

Clinical Connections

Why would any nurse with four school-aged children, a husband and a great job, spend her free time at school, doing homework and other countless hours to get a Masters of Science in Nursing (MSN)? That is exactly what Kim Orth is doing. She is currently spending 150 clinical hours with Eugene Anderson, clinical educator at Good Shepherd Rehabilitation Network in Allentown, Pennsylvania. Eugene qualifies to be her preceptor because, he, too, has his MSN from DeSales University.

What Is a Long-Term Acute Care Hospital?

When someone suffers an accident or stroke or needs surgery, the first place he or she goes is an acute-care hospital, such as a Lehigh Valley Hospital or a St. Luke’s Hospital in the Lehigh Valley. There, clinicians patch up injuries, perform surgeries and stabilize the patient. After being stabilized, some patients—often those with underlying conditions—may be too medically fragile to go home, to a rehabilitation facility or to a skilled nursing facility.

Helping Seniors Get Over the Fear of Assistive Technology

For most seniors, the thought of moving into a nursing home causes great anxiety. Often, people make premature decisions regarding institutionalization because they are not fully aware of the technology or support services available to help them remain at home for a longer period of time.


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