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5 Simple Tips to Prevent Torticollis

Commonly referred to as “twisted” or “wry neck,” torticollis is a common musculoskeletal problem in children. The condition is caused by tightness in the sternalcleidomastoid muscle, which results in an abnormal tilt of the head and neck.  If a child's left side is affected, he or she would tilt ear to shoulder on the left and rotate their head to the right.

Websites to Support Learning

In today’s fast-moving world, we are inundated with millions of messages daily. We have a plethora of information, literally at our fingertips. This can make it hard for parents to decipher the best resources to support their child’s learning.

Adult Coloring Books: The New Phenomenon

Browse any bookstore or online shopping site, and you will see a plethora of adult coloring books. This new phenomenon has become popular for many reasons. With endless choices of designs, patterns and themes, adult coloring books appeals to every taste. A package of beautifully-colored pencils brings us back to our experience of opening that new box of crayons when we were young.

Safe Sleep Tips for Infants

New parents are often bombarded with advice from family and friends suggesting how to care for their first baby. It may be overwhelming to sort through the advice, especially when it conflicts with information provided by nurses and physicians.

What’s Wrong with My Thumb?

There are eight muscles and four tendons that pull and move our thumbs in different directions, helping us with tasks throughout the day. These tendons are subject to many stresses and inflammation, collectively known as tendonitis.

Increasing Movement after Stage III Burns and Skin Grafts

Burns can occur from a variety of sources, including heat, electrical, chemical, friction and radiation and are classified as first, second or third degree. Most first and second degree burns can be managed easily. Third degree burns, however, are more severe and often require skin grafts.

Botox® Offers Migraine and Headache Sufferers Lasting Relief

Those who suffer with migraines and severe headaches will tell you that the pain is disabling. When a migraine strikes, there is often no option but to lie down in a dark room with your eyes shut and wait for it to pass. Sometimes, hospitalization will be required to break migraines.

Therapeutic Art Benefits MS Patients

We encourage patients with chronic or debilitating conditions, like Multiple Sclerosis (MS), to participate in activities they enjoy. While MS impacts every patient differently, the ability to find meaning and enjoyment in life helps to heal both mind and body.

iPad® Apps to Support Reading and Writing

Reading and writing can be a struggle for children in school for a variety of reasons. While educators and therapists evaluate children to determine the best methods and strategies to support them, schools are increasingly using technology in their curriculum to promote learning.

Common Medical Imaging for Diagnosis and Treatment

Medical imaging can provide significant information about the human body and has many useful medical applications, including diagnosis and treatment of illness and injury.


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