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Experience Center

The Experience Center is a demonstration and education space for all members of our community to discover a variety of leading-edge and innovative technologies and services that help people live life undefined by diagnosis, disease or injury.

Experience the Possibilities

Set to open in summer 2023 inside the under-construction, state-of-the-art Good Shepherd Rehabilitation Hospital in Center Valley, Pa., the Experience Center is designed to empower clinicians, patients, family members, community partners and innovators to navigate, collaborate and explore the full potential of available and upcoming technologies that can improve clinical practice, promote greater independence, and preserve dignity and quality of life.

“The Experience Center distinguishes [Good Shepherd] from any other rehabilitation facility ever built. Now for the first time, patients and those in the community with disabilities and other impairments can access emerging rehabilitation technologies and concepts that impact their lives. This helps make healthier communities.”

Sandeep Singh, MD, Senior Vice President, Medical Affairs & Chief Medical Officer

Once it opens, visitors to the Experience Center can explore these technologies in an up-close, hands-on environment.

Here’s a look at the planned offerings:

Good Shepherd | Moravian University 3D Experience

Printing 3D printer object plastic. Plastic Wire Film, Modern technology.

A collaborative partnership between Good Shepherd Rehabilitation and Moravian University, this space focuses on revolutionizing the use of 3D printing within rehabilitation.

The on-site lab is designed to produce 3D-printed tools and devices that promote greater independence and improved quality of life for those living with or recovering from disease or injury, such as stroke, spinal cord injury, brain injury, amputation and multiple sclerosis.

Good Shepherd and Moravian’s partnership also aims to generate research to better understand clinical applications of 3D printing, as well as create continuing education opportunities for students and clinicians from all professions.

Autonomous Living

The Autonomous Living section of the Experience Center is broken down into a number of subareas:

E-Sports. A Boy Playing A Strategy Video Game. Steam Community. ESports Club, banner
  • Smart Home Hub, displaying electronics that improve independence, communication, connection, safety, security and productivity for people with disabilities. Examples include video doorbells, environmental controls (i.e., automated light switches), digital assistants, smart electronics and plugs.
  • Aging in Place, highlighting technologies that allow senior citizens to age more gracefully in their own homes and provide peace of mind for families. Examples include fall-detection sensors, medication reminders and mobility sensors.
  • Adaptive Gaming and Computer Access, featuring modified video game controllers and adaptive set-ups for individuals to use a computer and participate in gaming — no matter their abilities.
Virtual reality

Virtual Reality

The Experience Center offers an area where visitors can learn about and experience a variety of virtual reality-based wellness tools.

These VR tools can be used to manage a variety of conditions, ranging from chronic pain and stroke to spinal cord injury and autism spectrum disorders (ASD).

Who Can the Experience Center Help?

  • Patients and families
  • Clinicians
  • Students
  • Community partners
  • Tech companies
  • Entrepreneurs

Additional Services and Offerings

  • Rotating exhibits to showcase specific categories of technology (e.g., low vision, mindfulness/meditation and adative recreation)
  • Guided, personalized tours
  • Education seminars
  • Adaptive gaming events
  • Networking events

To learn more about the Experience Center, contact Amanda Clark, PT, DPT, NCS, director of Good Shepherd Creates, at [email protected] or 610-778-9294.