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East Greenville Resident Turns to Good Shepherd for Therapy after Knee Replacement

February 07, 2017

Larry Mumbauer from East Greenville is the kind of guy you can listen to for hours. Whether he is talking about his days working on his parents’ and grandparents’ poultry farms, his love of NASCAR racing or his grandchildren, his sense of humor and quick wit is immediately obvious.

This is one of the reasons Larry was not about to let his chronic knee troubles slow him down. After a knee replacement due to arthritic damage in one knee several years ago, Larry fell on black ice and injured the other knee.

“My knee hurt so bad I could not stand,” said Larry. “I could not sit or stand comfortably. I had to stretch before I got up, or I would fall over.”

Larry was no stranger to orthopedic problems, having had a total hip replacement and metal rods inserted in his back years ago. The doctor tried injections to ease the pain in the newly-injured knee, without success, and a second knee replacement was scheduled.

Larry’s surgeon gave him a prescription for physical therapy after the procedure, but swelling in his feet kept him from going. Instead, he tried to stretch the knee as much as possible when sitting at home. Despite the pain, he tried to go about his normal routine as much as possible.

When he turned to Good Shepherd Physical Therapy – East Greenville about a month later, his therapists got him right to work.

“When Larry first came to Good Shepherd, he had a lot of swelling and pain,” says Nicole MacDonald, PTA, who worked with Larry. “His treatment plan focused on building his strength, endurance and balance.”

A typical session for Larry would start with a warmup on the cardio machines and included range of motion exercises so he could maintain proper flexion and extension. As he improved, Nicole had him add therapy for his strength, endurance and balance.

These days, Larry says he is feeling great. It is much easier for him to get around, and he has resumed all of his normal activities. He can clean windows, sweep out his wife’s truck (the “CEO” as he lovingly calls her) and spend time with his three grandchildren. Next year, he plans to drive to Las Vegas for a NASCAR event.

Now discharged, Larry says he misses everyone at Good Shepherd.

“Good Shepherd is the best,” he says. “I would not come here if they were not.”