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Bike and Scooter Safety Tips for Kids

May 28, 2015

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When the weather turns nice and the school bell chimes, kids from preschool to pre-teen cruise their neighborhoods on bikes, trikes and scooters. Riding a bike is a rite of passage and often one of the first strides towards independence, but it is important to follow a few safety tips to avoid head injuries, like concussions, and other preventable injuries.

Always Wear a Helmet

According to The American Academy of Pediatrics, helmets reduce the risk of brain injury by 33 percent.

To properly fit your child’s bike helmet:

  • Pull the helmet down over your child’s forehead, securing the helmet flat on his or her head.
  • Secure and adjust the foam pads inside the helmet to fit your child’s head securely.
  • Clip the strap at all times.
  • Place the Y-strap to meet just below his or her ear.
  • Secure the chin strap snug against your child’s chin.

Research shows that older children are less likely to wear a helmet, so stress the importance of wearing a helmet for injury prevention to tweens and teens.

Be Seen

Dress your child in brightly colored clothes to ensure that he or she can be seen by passing cars. Thankfully, neon is back in style!

Children should avoid riding bikes and scooters after dark, but if your child will be riding at night, install reflectors and/or a light on his or her bike or scooter. Remind your child to ride on sidewalks where available. Aside from not being street legal, the sleek, streamlined design of many electric scooters makes them difficult to see from behind.

Follow the Rules of the Road

Use proper hand signals to alert passing motorists of your travel plans and directions. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has a handy chart that you can pin or print for easy reference.

Listen Carefully

Ask your child to leave ear buds and headphones at home. He or she will need to listen for approaching vehicles, horns and sirens.

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