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Ness H200® and L300™ (Bioness, Inc.)

Ness H200® (Bioness, Inc.):

The Ness H200 is a neuroprosthetic system that helps patients with upper-limb paralysis regain hand control. It can also be used as an adaptive device to improve function for patients with a spinal cord injury.

The device surrounds the hand and forearm of a patient to obtain proper positioning. Five surface electrodes are integrated into the H200 to stimulate and activate the hand. A micro processor provides the patient and clinician control over the desired hand activation. The device can be used for exercise as well as functional activities, such as practicing the grasp and release of objects and performing activities of daily living.

Ness L300™ (Bioness, Inc.):

The Ness L300 is a functional electrical stimulation system designed to help patients with neurological disorders affecting the lower extremities, specifically foot drop. The L300 is worn on the lower leg and foot. Its purpose is to stimulate muscle re-education, prevent atrophy and promote a more natural walking pattern. The L300 can be used either as a training device or a functional orthotic for patients to use daily when they walk.