Monique Jones Recovers from Car Accident to Live an ‘Even Better Life’

March 02, 2020

Monique Jones

When the car she was a passenger in slammed into a tree, Monique Jones didn’t know how much her life was about to change.

The traumatic accident resulted in a spinal cord injury. To recover, Monique turned to Good Shepherd Rehabilitation Network for help.

“I feel like without [Good Shepherd], I would have never known that I can have an even better life than I had before.”

-Monique Jones

When Monique first arrived at Good Shepherd, she couldn’t walk. Today, she drives, attends school and works toward her goal of walking unassisted.

“Love yourself no matter what, focus on you and being the best version of yourself — that’s something Good Shepherd taught me,” Monique says.

Watch the video for more of Monique’s story of rehabilitation.