Amid Pandemic, Patient Receives Back-Pain Relief through Safe, On-Site Care

May 18, 2020

Steve Mayernik, who received back pain relief from Good Shepherd Rehabilitation Network in Allentown, Pa.

Good Shepherd Rehabilitation has been a part of Steve Mayernik’s life since 2004, when the Allentown resident was paralyzed in a car accident.

“Good Shepherd has become my family,” Steve says.

So when Steve started experiencing severe back pain amid the COVID-19 pandemic, he knew exactly where to turn.

“Good Shepherd is one of those places that you hope you never need, but you’re glad it’s there if you do,” Steve says.

Help for Severe Back Pain

After his 2004 car accident, Steve eventually recovered and — thanks to Good Shepherd — learned to walk unassisted. He returned to his family and work. He even went on a celebratory skydiving trip. However, Steve’s spinal cord injury is a lifelong one. As a result, he needs physical therapy with Good Shepherd every so often to stay on track.

“After a few months, my walking suffers,” he says.

In between physical therapy tune-ups with Good Shepherd, Steve underwent back surgery. When Steve began experiencing severe back pain just a few weeks after his surgery, he grew worried — especially with the pandemic in full swing.

“I was using a walker, which I hadn’t used in some time because I was in excruciating pain,” Steve says. “I was really nervous that I really messed something up.”

Safe, Caring Environment

Steve turned to Good Shepherd and — through the health network’s PT Now program — saw a physical therapist fast and without a doctor’s referral. He was scheduled for an appointment quickly. When he arrived at the Health & Technology Center, he underwent a quick wellness screening and temperature check at the door — for his protection and that of other patients. Once inside the building, Steve was cared for comfortably and compassionately, he says.

Turns out, Steve pulled a muscle in his back. After an evaluation and exercises, Steve was on the mend and headed home to continue recovering.

“As they do every time, they helped me out,” Steve says.

If you’re experiencing pain, Good Shepherd Rehabilitation Network continues to provide COVID-safe, in-person care at more than 20 outpatient locations for patients — just like Steve. We are staggering appointments and taking many other precautions to promote social distancing and ensure your safety.

Request an in-person appointment by calling 1-888-44-REHAB, filling out an online request form or using our live chat. In addition to in-person care, you can request a virtual visit.