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Tips for a Safe Halloween

October 25, 2012

safe halloween

The trick to making Halloween a fun-filled night for kids is to make it safe. For parents, there are plenty of safety tips to consider before, during and after the big event.

Pick a Spooktacular, Safe Costume

  • Look for fabric that is marked “flame-resistant” or “flame-retardant.”
  • Make sure your child’s costume isn’t so long that it becomes a tripping hazard.
  • Add reflective tape to your child’s treat bag or costume, especially if his or her costume is dark colored.
  • Avoid masks or choose masks that fit snuggly and have large eye holes.
  • Use makeup that is non-toxic.

Be Careful Out There

  • Accompany young children during trick-or-treating.
  • Know the route that your older children will take and agree on a time for them to be home.
  • Take a flashlight for added visibility.
  • Walk, don’t run, between houses.
  • Knock only on doors of houses that are well lit.
  • Just say “no” if invited into a stranger’s home.
  • Cross at established crosswalks, never between parked cars.
  • Stay on sidewalks. (If no sidewalk is available, walk on the edge of the roadway, facing traffic.)

Inspect Treats

  • After your child returns home, be sure to inspect treats carefully.
  • Throw away anything that is no longer in a wrapper or looks like it has been opened. Although it’s rare for treats to be tampered with, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

If you’re not planning to dress up and hit the streets with your little one, there is still plenty that you can do to help protect your neighborhood ghouls and goblins.

  • Make sure that the path to your front door is free of debris and that your home and yard are well lit.
  • Use battery-powered lights, instead of candles, to illuminate your porch or outside decorations.
  • Drive slowly and vigilantly – watch for children walking on the side of the road.

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