Important Safety Information for our Patients

June 21, 2021

Healthcare Workers Standing Together With Arms Folded

Good Shepherd is committed to providing our patients with important safety information that may impact their health.  In keeping with this commitment, we are informing you of an important development related to certain breathing devices manufactured by Philips Respironics.  Please take a few minutes to read this important product safety information.

Philips Respironics issued a voluntary recall for specific Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) devices, Bi-Level Positive Airway Pressure (Bi-Level PAP or BiPAP) devices and mechanical ventilators manufactured before April 26, 2021.   According to Philips Respironics, the recall is due to two issues with the sound reducing foam used in these devices.  Patients using any of these devices should visit the manufacturer’s website to learn more, including the affected models and the potential health risks: , or call the Philips recall support hotline at 1-877-907-7508.  Patients should also contact their physician.

Please be assured that Good Shepherd’s focus is on the safety and well-being of our patients.  We immediately identified all affected device models in use in our facilities and took appropriate steps to protect the safety of our inpatients and residents.  We encourage all outpatients and clients using these products to promptly consult with their physician or durable medical equipment provider about the impact of this recall on their therapy.