Chris Norton Inspires Sold-Out Crowd at Hyland Center

May 31, 2024

ALLENTOWN, Pa. — We’re grateful for world-renowned motivational speaker Chris Norton, who visited Good Shepherd on May 29 to share his keys to living “A No Excuse Life” before a sold-out crowd on our South Allentown campus.

Doctors gave Chris a 3% chance of ever moving after he sustained a severe spinal cord injury while playing college football. Chris defied those odds, eventually walking to receive his college diploma and down the aisle at his wedding.

On this special evening at Hyland Center for Health & Technology, Chris detailed his remarkable story of perseverance and how his viewpoint on life has helped him move forward regardless of the circumstances. He then closed the inspirational evening by standing up before the audience.

Thank you, Chris, for sharing your powerful message with the community.

And a special thanks to WFMZ-TV’s Melanie Falcon, who served as special guest host and Q&A moderator for the evening.

View pictures from the special event in this photo album.