Care Inspires Future Physical Therapist

February 02, 2021

physical therapy

While applying to programs to earn her doctorate in physical therapy (DPT), high school student Julia Menear focused her college essay on a topic near and dear to her heart: her personal experiences with Good Shepherd Rehabilitation Network.

A soccer player, Julia required outpatient rehabilitation on a handful of occasions after sustaining injuries. The team at Good Shepherd Physical Therapy in East Greenville left a lasting mark on Julia.

Soon after discharge, Julia started volunteering at the clinic, eventually totaling more than 100 hours.

“As an athlete, getting injured is not something you think too much about, because the love of playing a sport is greater than any injury you might encounter,” Julia wrote in her essay. “All of the injuries which I have endured led me to this incredible field of medicine, which I plan on pursuing in college. If I would have never chosen to play soccer, I probably wouldn’t have discovered my passion for physical therapy, and because of those injuries, I am grateful.” 

To date, Julia holds three letters of acceptance to DPT programs.

“When Julia read her college essay for the first time, we were in the car, and I had to pull over, as it brought tears to my eyes when she read about Good Shepherd and her experiences,” said Julia’s mom, Donna. “The East Greenville team all played a very important role in Julia’s life, leading her to the path she is looking to pursue in college. We cannot thank you all enough for your support and becoming Julia’s mentors as she starts down this path.”

Good luck, Julia!

If you need help with a sports injury, call 1-888-44-REHAB or request an appointment online.