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Warm-Up Exercises

These can be done in either a seated or standing position. If standing you can use a chair or counter for balance and support. With any stretch or movement you should feel a stretch but not pain or discomfort. No need to stretch further than the average range of motion typical to your body. Start slowly with limited repetitions and then increase as the stretch becomes easier to perform.

Neck Stretches

  1. Tilt head to the right and to the left (ear towards shoulder)
  2. Chin towards chest, look down then straight ahead
  3. Look to the left and then to the right

Upper Body

  1. Shrugging your shoulders up and down
  2. Shoulder rolls backwards
  3. Reaching your arms up and out to the side and down
  4. Reaching your arms up and down in front


  1. Side Stretch – Sliding your arm down your leg or chair
  2. Hula Hoop – circling your hips one direction then the other direction
  3. Reaching to the right and left-Reach right arm towards right toe. Return to center. Reach left arm towards left toe. 


  1. Marching in place.
  2. Raising your knee up and down-high knees
  3. Ankle circles – circle foot in one direction and then reverse directions.  Repeat with other foot. 
  4. Rolling your feet heel to toe (up on toes back on heels)
  5. External Hip Rotation-Start with feet pointing straight ahead. Turn one foot out to the side and return to center. Repeat with the other foot. 

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