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Core Exercises

Suggested Equipment: Water Bottle (filled with water as needed for weight), soup cans, small hand held weights.  These items can be used to challenge strength (as appropriate) for some of the exercises listed below. 

The following core exercises can be done in a seated or standing position.  If standing, you can use a chair or counter for balance and supportWhen performing these exercises, remember to not let your pain increase by more than two points from your starting pain level.  Start the exercise program with low repetitions (approximately 10) and gradually increase repetitions as the exercise becomes easier to perform. 

Core Exercises – Maintain Good Posture

  1. Abdominal bracing – Gently pull in your stomach muscles to activate your core. Hold for 5 seconds and relax.  Repeat 10 times. DO NOT HOLD YOUR BREATH
  2. Modified Dead bugs – Lift one arm and the opposite knee up towards the ceiling. Return to starting position. Switch sides. Complete 10 times each side.
  3. Russian twist – Clasp your hands together in front of chest. Rotating from your trunk/waist, bring both hands down towards right hip.  Come back to starting position and then repeat to the left. Complete 10 times each side.
  4. Wood choppers – Clasp your hands together and bring both hands up to your right ear. Then twist both hands down to left hip, then back up to starting position. Repeat on opposite side. Complete 10 times each side.

Supine Core Exercises – Maintain good posture throughout these exercises while lying on your back

  1. Bridges – Bend both knees while keeping your feet on the bed/mat table. Gently squeeze your core and lift your bottom off the table (up towards the ceiling) and hold for 3 seconds then relax. Complete 10 times.
  2. Flutter kicks – Start with both legs straight. Squeezing your core muscles, lift one leg off the table approx. 2 inches then switch your legs. Complete 10 times.
  3. Leg lowering – Start with left knee bent and right leg straight. Keeping right leg straight, lift it up so that it’s at the height of your left knee. Very slowly, bring your right leg down to the table. Repeat with the left leg. Complete 10 times each leg.
  4. Weight lowering – Start with both knees bent and feet on the bed/mat table. Holding a water bottle/can of soup/hand held weight with your arms on stomach. Keeping arms straight, slowly lift weight up towards the ceiling and lower weight over your head. Stop when the small of your back starts to lift off of the table. Then slowly return to starting position. Complete 10 times.
  5. Hip flexion isometric – Start with both knees bent and feet on the bed/mat table. Gently squeezing core muscles, lift right knee up towards chest and press hands into knee to provide resistance.  Hold 5 seconds.  Return to starting position and repeat 10 times. Repeat on left side.

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