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Good Shepherd’s storied history of giving dates back to its very founding in 1908. A man by the name of James Fritz, donated fifty cents to the Rev. John “Papa” Raker, a Lutheran pastor, in support of Papa and Estella “Mama” Raker’s shared vision to start a home for crippled children and orphans in Allentown, Pennsylvania. This first gift gave rise to the legend that Good Shepherd began with “faith and fifty cents.”

The Rakers’ saw in the community other needs too. They expanded their mission to take in the destitute elderly. But Good Shepherd had needs of its own. “Presenting the cause,” is how Papa Raker referred to it, and that’s just what he did every chance he got.

From the start, donors responded. Gifts varied from collections taken by Sunday school children to canned fruits and vegetables, chickens, bolts of gingham, and soap. Bequests and endowments were then and continue to be, essential to helping fund Good Shepherd’s programs and services. Other gifts of stocks and securities further support our mission.

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