An Excerpt from Nathan Seeyle's Success Story (Brownsville, PA):

Like most things parents do for their children, the decision to bring Nathan to Good Shepherd for therapy every week is a labor of love. Gary started making the five-hour drive from Brownsville to Allentown for Nathan’s weekly Ekso therapy in May 2015. 

Without a doubt, say Gary and Mary, the travel has been worth it to see the progress Nathan is making. During his first time in the Ekso, Nathan walked 101 steps. Every week, the father and son joke about how far Nathan will walk that day. He recently walked his personal best of 685 steps.

Gary says that the therapy is making it easier for Nathan to get around at home. Everyday tasks, like getting in and out of the shower, are easier because Nathan can better balance himsel

From Matt Ficarra of Syracuse, New York:
[The staff] put me at ease while making me feel like a part of their amazing culture at Good Shepherd. I started there as a patient, became great friends and we are now family. I will forever be in their debt as they truly made my dream come true!
From Rick and Melanie Musson of Bozeman, Montana:
When our daughter, Emaline, was diagnosed with a stroke and seizures, we felt lost. We didn't know where to start with treatment. Our state did not have the resources we needed, but we heard about Good Shepherd Pediatrics. All the pieces fell into place, so we headed across the country and "moved in" to the inpatient pediatric unit.
Emaline made huge strides while we were at Good Shepherd Pediatric Unit. The therapists and nurses were the perfect blend of professional and personal. A little piece of our hearts will always be at Good Shepherd because of what they did for our daughter.  
From Christine Chapman of Corning, New York:
Facing and dealing with a chronic and often debilitating disease, such as multiple sclerosis, can be overwhelming at times. I reached a point in my life when I realized I had questions related to so many different areas, including: physical and occupational therapy, medications, nutrition and so many others. I wondered if an inpatient admission would be a possibility to really focus on my therapy, so I could jump start my program and continue when I returned home. 
I did internet research and discovered Good Shepherd Rehabilitation Hospital. After reading their positive patient satisfaction scores, I was anxious to schedule an evaluation. After I met some of the staff and visited the facility, I knew Good Shepherd was exactly what I had been searching for. I had such high expectations when I arrived, and Good Shepherd exceeded every one of them. I feel so fortunate to have had this experience. 
For more information on Good Shepherd's programs and services, call 1-888-44-REHAB (73422) or contact us.