Travel Tips for People with Disabilities

Vacations are intended to be stress free: a time to relax, travel, sight-see and enjoy activities with friends and family.

Traveling for people with disabilities, however, can be complicated, stress-inducing and sometimes a struggle, but it doesn’t have to be. A little preparation can go a long way. 

General Travel Tips

Enjoying Sports If You Have a Disability

Imagine feeling the spray of water in your face as you kayak down a roaring river, or feeling the wind whip against your skin as you ski down a snow-covered mountain. Sports, such as kayaking, skiing, basketball or cycling, bring great joy to many people’s lives.  People living with disabilities, such as paralysis or amputation, are no different.

What in the World Is the PfaDFC?

The “PfaDFC” is not alphabet soup! It’s the acronym for the “Partnership for a Disability Friendly Community,” an initiative launched almost two years ago in response to a recommendation by a group of community leaders.