Notes from the Barre: Dance to Improve Health

dance to improve healthA dancer squeezes her ballet stretch class in between a hectic schedule of school, work and running errands. The long drive to the studio is fraught with rainy weather and crazy drivers. The dancer is nursing a cold and feeling stressed. When she arrives at the studio, she feels rushed and has to scurry to get to class on time. As the music begins, she places her feet in first position and breathes a sigh of relief.

Notes from the Barre: Proper Stretching To Achieve a Balanced Body

dance stretchIt is half time in ballet class. After forty minutes of barre work, the teacher tells the dancers to stretch before they begin to work on pirouettes and jumps. On queue, the dancers take to the floor and sit in the ever popular straddle position. Unfortunately, it is likely they will remain in that position until they begin the next combination.

Specialized Therapy for Performing Artists

By trade, dancers, musicians and other performing artists are often passionate and exceedingly dedicated to their craft. Therefore, much like athletes, professional and recreational artists have grueling practice schedules and incur repetitive and other injuries. But unlike athletes, performing artists have not had a dedicated rehabilitation team who understand and cater to their unique needs.