Medical Staff Honors Retired Physician

The Good Shepherd medical staff recently honored retired physician, Dr. Thomas Brislin, DO, with a $2,000 donation to a fund that helps Good Shepherd's residents enjoy greater access to the community. Dr. Brislin retired in 2012 after serving eight years as medical director at the Conrad W. Raker Center on Good Shepherd's south Allentown campus. It was here that Dr. Brislin brought great compassion and expertise to his work tending to the medical complexities of the Raker Center's 99 residents, all who are wheelchair-reliant.

Fran Iannaccone, administrator at the Raker Center, says the community access fund is something that makes Good Shepherd very different from a typical nursing home. Residents use the fund to enjoy a wide variety of outings from shopping at the mall and going to restaurants, to providing transportation to attend continuing education classes or to visit family members at home.

"Thanks to this fund, our residents enjoy greater access to the community and the community can meet them and learn about their abilities," says Fran.

Residents are further able to choose what it is they want to do, and by experiencing the community, residents develop independent living skills, she adds.

Brenda Bealer, pictured with Fran, has been living at Good Shepherd since September 2012. Prior to moving here, Brenda lived in a nursing home. Since coming to Good Shepherd, Brenda has enjoyed numerous outings. The fund even helped make it possible for her to attend her father's funeral last July.

Brenda loves being independent and Good Shepherd is helping her achieve that. She's gaining greater confidence through her community access outings and also learning how to do her own laundry and cooking. She hopes to one day be able to move across the street to the Supported Independent Living Apartments.


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