He Named That Bug

April 2012

Eight-year-old Colin Homschek, a second grader from Shawnee Elementary School in Easton, Pa., emerged from a field of 1,600 contestants from throughout the Lehigh Valley to win the Name That Bug Contest for Good Shepherd's 2012 Gala in the Garden. Colin, who named the lightning bug, Sir Lights-a-lot, the thematic mascot of this year's gala, received a $1,000 check from PPL, a major gala sponsor.

The lightning bug icon was selected by gala co-chairs James Miller, former chairman of PPL, and his wife, Gail. The bug was designed by PPL's marketing department.

Colin came up with the name after looking at his cat and recollecting the names of past felines in the Homschek household. One was nicknamed, Sir Sheds-a-lot, and that led to a flash of genuis and the winning name.

Colin said he was excited and happy about winning. As for his plans for the money? "I'll put it in the bank for college," he says.

Children from local elementary schools, child-care centers and the community at large were invited to participate in the contest.

This year's Gala in the Garden will be held on Saturday, June 2., on Good Shepherd's south Allentown campus. Proceeds benefit the Good Shepherd Rehabilitation Hospital Pediatric Unit in Bethlehem.


Pictured: Colin Homschek with Gail and Jim Miller.