Gifts of Love

We thank the generous families and friends who honor their dear ones with memorial gifts and living gifts of honor. These gifts help support Good Shepherd’s mission of service to people with disabilities, many who otherwise could not afford the therapies or long-term care they need.


Darwin Clark Ms. Dorothy E. Clark
Mr. Chad Coleman Mr. Raymond A. Coleman
Pat McNally Mr. Joseph McNally
Casey Reider Ms. Dolly Fox-Kelly
Mike Taub Mr. Joseph McNally
Ms. Rita A. Tunnhoff Mrs. Ruth E. Scott
  Mrs. Anneliese Tunnhoff
Ms. Lisa Windish Alice and Joseph Windish
the Birthday of… DONATED BY…
Mr. Joseph Schumacher Mr. and Mrs. John E. Schumacher
Ms. Judith Wagner Mr. and Mrs. William J. Wagner
the 40th Birthday of… DONATED BY…
Mr. Brandon R. Troxel Emma and Angela Blauvelt
  Ken Hoppes
  Phil and Mary Lou Kline
  Ms. Bonnie G. Letcher
  Ms. Jeanene Letcher
the 52nd Birthday of… DONATED BY…
Mr. Mark A. Johnson Rev. and Mrs. John W. Johnson,Jr.
the 60th Birthday of… DONATED BY…
Mr. Blake C. Marles, Esq. Mrs. Cindy Lambert
  Don and Meg Wieand
the 95th Birthday of… DONATED BY…
Mrs. Mary Dreisbach Ms. Barbara Stearn
the 102nd Birthday of… DONATED BY…
Ms. Mary Reiter Mrs. Susan J. Lewis
the 25th Wedding Anniversary of... DONATED BY…
Lew and Laura Knecht Mrs. Anne P. Knecht
the 30th Wedding Anniversary of... DONATED BY…
Mr. Bruce and Dr. Loretta Keil Rev. M. Blair Couch and Mr. Warren Gericke
the 60th Wedding Anniversary of... DONATED BY…
Rev. and Mrs. John W. Johnson, Jr. Rev. and Mrs. John W. Johnson, Jr.
the 50th Ordination Anniversary of… DONATED BY…
Rev. Carl W. Cunfer Mrs. Carolyn B. Volk
Beatrice Ahner Anonymous
Mr. Lawrence A. Arcuri Mrs. Dolores A. Arcuri
Mr. Gary R. Bachman Mr. and Mrs. Leonard D. Beltz
  Mr. and Mrs. Walter J. Smock, Jr.
Joseph W. Benzak, Sr. Mr. David J. Benzak
Ruth E. Benzak Mr. David J. Benzak
Mrs. Lorraine M. Bevan Mr. and Mrs. David C. Leibig
Mrs. Lois Borger Ms. Betty Rechtor
Buffy Mr. Dennis K. Wood
John Christian Clark Mr. and Mrs. Theodore H. Clark
Ray Cressman Mr. Norman Cressman
  Mrs. Doris C. Fenton
  Ms. Carol W. Wayne
Rev. Richard E. Crusius Mr. Henry L. Blauser
Ms. Susan Dale Ms. Ann L. Walker
Mrs. Ruth E. Dauscher Ms. Kay Brady
Mr. Kenneth R. DeVoe Ms. Linda A. DeVoe
Mrs. Margaret C. DiSalvi Dr. R. Daniel DiSalvi
Ms. Ann Ehrie Mrs. Dolores A. Arcuri
Father's Day Mr. and Mrs. Gerald R. Reenock
Doris Fenstermacher Mr. Raymond O. Fenstermacher
Grandpa Mac Mr. Todd J. Miernicki
Mr. William R. Grim Geri Citrone
  Northwestern High School – Class of 1959
Harry and Travis Haas Mrs. Betty J. Haas
J. Walter Hackman Mr. Barry Gehman
Mr. Paul J. Hadesty Mrs. Hilda H. Price
Mrs. Sarah Hadesty Mrs. Hilda H. Price
Miss Krista J. Harakal Mr. and Mrs. Donald Harakal
Mrs. Joan H. Heid Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. Conners
  Tom and Pat Dowling
  Mr. and Mrs. Norman L. Fish
  Ms. Mary K. Gearhart
  Mr. and Mrs. Donald W. Himler
  Mr. and Mrs. Wayne MacWilliams
  Ms. Nancy D. Peluso
  Reilly Associates
  Telecom Pioneers
Edwin and Dorothea Horlacher Ms. Jacqueline S. Aykroyd
John Carl Johnson Mrs. Jeannette A. Edwards
  Mr. Dewayne Guhn and
  Mrs. Berta Graham
  Ms. Diane Harris
  Mr. Paul M. Johnson
  Ms. Agnes C. Logan
  Saddle Brook High School
  Mrs. Cindy Verost
Alfred and Anna Kloiber Estate of Dolores Ann Kloiber
Rose Marie A. Kroboth Michael and Lori Bonner
  Helen Curran
  Ms. Amy M. DePuy
  Jerry and Bridget Fillingham
  Gilbert Funeral Home, Inc.
  Gary and Joanne Hilty
  Ken and Dorothy Kovak
  Brian and Kris Kovak
  Matt and Amy Kovak
  The Leahey Family
  Ms. Jemma A. McGuinness
  Ms. Jean McHugh
  Christina Miranda
  Mrs. Audrey B. Planer
  Gregory and Ellen Pothering
  Ron and Linda Schaffer
  Ms. Diane C. Sefchik
  Joseph and Rosalie Sforza
  Ms. Dorothy C. Snyder
  Cheryl and Dennis Sommer
  Howard and Jill Stevens
  Ms. Kay L. Webster
  Bill and Addie Weiss
  Ms. Nicole Wenhold
Elsie E. Lackner Estate of Dolores Ann Kloiber
Hilda Lackner Estate of Dolores Ann Kloiber
Mrs. Trudie Lanning Mr. Mayo W. Lanning
Rev. Dr. Martin E. Lehmann Mrs. Gloria J. Lehmann
Mr. Robert W. Liddell Ms. Marjorie F. Gearhart
  Mr. and Mrs. James Haig
  Mr. Philip C. Harnden
  Ms. Mary Jane Heisey
  Mr. and Mrs. Emmitt Hawk
  Ms. Nancy E. Krody
  Ms. Ida M. Nielson
  Mr. David M. Osborn
  Ms. Emma M. Osborn
  Ms. Rose Smerick
Robert J Ludwig, Sr. David Einherst & Family
Peggie Lyons Mrs. Georgine M. Poole
Miss Alberta MacMillan The Mayer Family
  Ms. Carol A. Sachs
Mr. Walter J. McWilliams Ms. Linda A. DeVoe
Francis Miller Mrs. Francesca M. Miller
Mr. Stanley Moorhouse Mrs. Gertrude K. Moorhouse
Mr. Richard F. Moyer Mrs. V. Sue Moyer
My Whole Family Mrs. Francesca M. Miller
Ryan Michael Owens Ms. Anne L. Owens
Mr. Marvin W. Peters Mrs. Reniea A. Peters
Mr. James K. Plourde Mrs. Frances H. Plourde
Mr. William L. Rosenberger Mrs. Arlene Rosenberger
Charles Lamar Rush Paulette Hartnett
Mr. Kenneth J. Schaefer Mr. and Mrs. Rod Brooks
Miss Ellen Sockin Mr. Brian S. Sockin
Sparky Mr. Dennis K. Wood
Mrs. Betty R. Staversky Dukart Management Corporation
  John and Kay Estock
  Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey I. Fuehrer
  Mr. and Mrs. Barry Hetzel
  Don and Pat Holmes
  Ms. Sally Wily
  Ms. Victoria J. Wukitsch
Mr. R. Stockton Taylor, Jr. Ms. Kimberly A. Bluder
Clifford L. Trauger Rev. and Mrs. Joseph Molnar III
Mr. Paul Tunnhoff Ms. Terri L. Eyer
  Mrs. Anneliese Tunnhoff
Lily Keim Van Sweden Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Keim
Rev. David G. Volk Mrs. Carolyn B. Volk
Professor Karl, Steve, and Heidi Mrs. Lucille D. Walter
Mr. Edwin A. Webster, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. John A. Fulmer
Mr. Herman H. Winter, Sr Ms. Dolores Schrenk
John Youngdahl Mr. Carl R. Youngdahl, Jr.